Nico D.

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Nico was adopted at six years old from Columbia, along with is two older brothers, in 2013. Shortly before his twelfth birthday, he was diagnosed with B-Cell, ALL, and life as he knew it turned upside down. He missed two full school years while he was in treatment and recovering from several rounds of Covid and MIS-C along with his chemotherapy. Through it all, Nico’s brothers have been with him every step of the way spending time with him in the hospital and getting him to the gym to help build back his endurance. Nico is set to complete his cancer treatment in December 2022! With the end in sight, Nico has been working with trainers provided by the Goliath Project to help rebuild his stamina and aid in his return to the soccer field. We are so excited for Nico as his treatment is almost wrapped and to see all the success he has ahead!