Soren Tackles Cancer!

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We are so excited to see our athletes grow in their strength and confidence as they recover from cancer. Soren Howard, a senior who plays for the Chaska Hawks, started training with The Goliath Project in May 2022 in hopes of regaining his strength and endurance to play football for his senior year. With countless hours in the gym, incredible determination and unwavering faith in the Lord, Soren was able to play in every single game of the season. Off the field, Soren has been a leader and role model for youth ministries at his family’s church and has actively shared his story to inspire others and encourage them to lean into their faith, even when things seem impossible.

We are so proud of Soren and all of the work that he has put in to build back his strength and for continuing to conquer his giants. Kare11 featured Soren’s story recently – you can click here to read more about his journey.