Avion D.

Avion 2

Avion is a tri-sport athlete having gone to State for Track in 2022 and being a standout player in football. He works hard to compete at his highest potential so when he started feeling run down last July, it raised some red flags. He initially had his appendix removed, however, this did not fix the problem. He continued to have multiple surgeries, experience bloating, weight loss and weight gain until November 2022. Finally, in November he was diagnosed with TAFRO, an extremely rare systematic inflammatory disease. Avion is only one of two total people who have been diagnosed with the condition in MN with the first patient being diagnosed 19 years ago. The treatment for this rare condition was chemo, however, it’s impossible to completely cure the disease. We are excited and honored to partner with Avion and his family to provide training through ETS, workout gear and swag to help him get back on the field! His strength continues to improve and return and he works hard to continue his journey of recovery.