Graeme S.

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Graeme is a 15 year old volleyball player from Minneapolis who’s world was flipped upside down with a leukemia diagnosis in January 2022. Following his diagnosis, he spent 30 days at Children’s hospital before being able to go home. While he will remain in treatment until May 2024, he has made up his mind to push himself to get back to a place physically where he can play volleyball next year. Like so many others, his medications have caused weight loss and weakness in his muscles so his focus is to build his stamina and strength back up. With the Goliath Project, Graeme has been working with trainers at ETS and is seeing improvement and results in getting his body back! He is back at school this fall after completing the spring semester at home which will give him time to be with his friends again and build community. We are so proud of all the hard work and dedication Graeme is putting into his training!